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LVG Annual Meeting Proxy Request


LVG Property Owner, 


you are probably aware LVG’s annual meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday,
June 5, 2019.  In order to conduct the meeting there must be a total of
55 homeowners owners present or an equivalent number of homeowner proxies
which grant the board the right to count that homeowner toward quorum, even though
he or she is not at the meeting. 


association is concerned that there will not be enough homeowners present this
year to meet quorum and are thus asking those who cannot attend to grant the
association proxy to count them toward quorum.


you would like to be counted by proxy, please simply reply to this email with
the words PROXY GRANTED in the subject line and your name and street address in
the body of the email.


you for your consideration.  Your granting of proxy will be tremendously
helpful in assuring the annual meeting will take place in a timely manner.

LVG Board of Directors

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