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To: Residents of Lansdowne Village Greens HOA

Re: Rules for Use of the Pool


With the upcoming opening of the Pool for the 2019 season
we are sending this reminder regarding expectations, requirements for use and
the rules for use of the pool. In accordance
with Lansdowne Village Greens Homeowners Association Policy Resolution No. 9; “Use
of Common Areas: Swimming Pool Rules”, all Members of the Association (or their
designated tenants) are entitled to use the swimming pool facility. Members who lease their unit must designate,
in writing, using a form authorized by the Association, those tenants living in
the unit who are entitled to use the community facilities, including the
swimming pool and community center. A
non-resident member who leases his unit is not entitled to use of these
community facilities.

Only those persons with a valid facilities pass shall be
entitled to use the swimming pool and other community facilities. Guests must be escorted by an eligible pool
user with a valid facilities pass who is sixteen years of age or older. Guests will not be admitted to the pool
without such escort. One guest pass with
ten (10) guest spots will be provided to each household. A maximum of four
guests are permitted at one time per household.


A.    The Association is represented by the managers
and lifeguards, who have been instructed in the rules of the pool. Any conflicts shall be addressed with the
pool manager, or assistant manager, who will bring the issue to the Association
if it cannot be satisfactorily resolved.

B.   Certified
lifeguards will be on duty at all times that the pool is open. They have the authority to use their
discretion to enforce the rules to maintain a safe and healthy
environment. The manager is in charge of
the pool and is there for the protection of persons using the pool. The manager has the authority to ask anyone
to leave the pool area for infractions of the rules or when safety is threatened. The manager may prohibit entry to anyone for
up to one week for each violation without prior authorization from the Board of

C.   Safety
is of primary concern to the Association and its Members. All persons using the pool do so at their own
risk and agree to abide by the rules for use of the facility. The Association assumes no responsibility for
any accident or injury in connection with such use or for any loss or damage to
personal property. Residents (Members
and tenants) are responsible for the actions of their children and guests.

D.   Children
under twelve (12) years of age must be accompanied by a responsible person
sixteen (16) years of age or older while in the pool area.

E.   No
person shall use the pool facilities unless the pool is officially open and
lifeguards are on duty. Unauthorized
persons found inside the pool enclosure when the pool is closed will lose their
privileges for the remainder of the summer and risk prosecution for trespassing.

F.    All
bathers shall take a shower bath using soap and warm water and thoroughly
rinsing off before entering the pool. (Parents are encouraged to instruct their children).

G.   Persons
who have obvious infections (colds, lesions, open sores, etc.) will not be allowed
in the pool. Sanitary habits are a responsibility
of everyone and anyone displaying improper behavior will be asked to leave the
pool area.

H.   Cigarette
smoking will be permitted only in areas, if any, specifically designated
for this purpose by the Board of Directors. No smoking is permitted in the bath house facility.

I.     Food
and beverages will be permitted only in areas, if any, specifically
designated for this purpose by the Board of Directors. The chewing of gum is not permitted in the
pool area or pool building.

J.    Breakableobjects are not permitted in the pool area.

K.   Intoxicants
will not be allowed in the pool area at any time. Intoxicated persons will not be allowed in
the pool area at any time.

L.    Swimmers
must wear proper bathing attire. No
cut-offs, dungarees or similar attire will be permitted.

M. Personsmust stay clear of guard stations at all times.

N.   Persons
unable to demonstrate an ability to swim will not be permitted in the deep end
of the pool.

O.  No
play equipment or wheeled vehicles (except wheelchairs, strollers, etc.) are
permitted in pool area.

P.   No
pets (except seeing-eye dogs) are permitted in the pool area.

Q.   Subject
to the discretion of the pool management personnel, instructional flotation
devices may be used under the direct supervision of an adult. Tubes, rafts and balls are prohibited in the
pool area. Goggles (those that cover the
eyes only) will be allowed in the pool. Only life jackets approved by the U.S. Coast Guard may be worn in the
pool. At the discretion of pool
management personnel, masks made of tempered safety glass may be used.

R.   Running,
pushing, wrestling, dunking, standing or sitting on another’s shoulders is
prohibited. No screaming, profanity, or
other boisterous behavior will be permitted in the pool area or pool building.

S.   Swimmers
shall remain clear of the ladders except when entering or exiting the
pool. In addition, all non-lap swimmers
shall remain clear of lap lanes (designated by the Association’s lap lane marker)
and shall not sit on or otherwise tamper with the lap lane marker. The Board may authorize the Association’s
managers and/or pool lifeguards to place the Association’s lap lane marker in
the pool at designated times and/or at the discretion (the latter occurring
only if/when the manager or lifeguard determines that the pool’s current usage
is low enough such that the placement of the lap lane marker will not
unreasonably interfere with non-lap swimmers’ use of the pool).

T.    Allrefuse must be placed in containers provided for this purpose. Keeping the facility clean is everyone’s responsibility.

U.  Children
with diapers are required to wear rubber pants or their equivalent while in the

V.   During
the last ten minutes of every hour, there will be a safety rest break for all
swimmers that are not participating in lap swimming.

W. Children
using the wading pool are the responsibility of the parent or escort, who must
be sixteen (16) years of age or older. Only children under the age of five (5) are permitted in the wading

X.   The
pool may be closed at the direction of the pool manager on duty in case of
thunder, lightning, rain or operational breakdown.

Y.   The
use of radios, televisions or similar devices is permitted only when used with

Z.    Private,
reserved use of the pool facility shall not be permitted during normal
operating hours established by the Board of Directors. Any private, reserved use shall be permitted
only if authorized by the Board of Directors and in accordance with any rules
and regulations promulgated by the Board.

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