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Comcast Update

Dear Lansdowne Residents:

news Lansdowne Village Greens Residents, the Comcast Xfinity service roll
out has entered the final phase and is now available to all LVG
residents. As has been widely communicated, all OpenBand services
(including phone, video, internet, etc.) are being discontinued within our
community effective April 1, 2019. To set up your internet service
installation appointment and order additional Comcast Xfinity services call
1-855-638-2855. Don’t wait, act today.

For a
limited time, if any LVG resident adds the $79.99/mo. for 12 mos. Double Play
package with Preferred Video and Unlimited Voice, those individual Comcast
Xfinity accounts will receive a one-time $360 credit directly from Comcastwhich will appear on their July 2019 Xfinity invoices. This is an
unadvertised offer and is exclusive to Lansdowne Village Greens
residents. The full $360 credit will be applied automatically by
Comcast to individual resident's July 2019 Xfinity invoices. The basic
condition stipulated by Comcast is that once you select the $79.99/mo. for
12mos. Double Play package you can’t cancel that package before July 1, 2019 or
the entire credit will be forfeited (not subject to prorated value). This
credit offer ends March 31, 2019. You may still add or cancel other Comcast
Xfinity services to your account at your discretion at any time.

LVG Residents who have already ordered the $79 double play package have
nothing more to do as those residents will automatically receive the $360
invoice credit per the stipulated terms and conditions. Any
resident who didn't originally order the $79 double play service
but now wishes to
do so is eligible to take advantage of the limited
offer by ordering the $79 double play offer before March 31. Again, to
order Comcast Xfinity services or schedule an internet installation
appointment, call 1-855-638-2855.

also note that If you currently have a landline phone account with OpenBand, you
must call Comcast and request that your landline phone number be ported to
Comcast. Failure to do so
before April 1 may result in
the loss of that phone number. Don’t wait, act today.

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