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Lansdowne Village Greens: Comcast Service Update **Please Read**


RE: Comcast Service Update

Dear Lansdowne Village Greens Residents, 

It has been a long and windy road, and it is with great pleasure
that the Lansdowne Village Green Board of Directors announces the buyout of
Openband’s exclusivity following an Association member vote to approve the
acquisition of a bank loan to cover the purchase cost. The Association is
now moving forward with the execution of the bulk buying agreement (BBA) for
basic internet service with Comcast (Xfinity). This agreement brings
Comcast and its award-winning customer service into the Lansdowne Village Green
community under this 5 year agreement. The BAA includes only basic
internet service with approximate internet speeds over twice the current speed
provided by Openband and for just under half the price. Per the
terms of the BBA, basic service internet cost will be included in each homeowner’s
monthly HOA dues.

Homeowners will have the option to add additional services for an
additional fee to their personal Comcast accounts, including an upgrade to 1
Gig speed, basic video, landline phone service, mobile phone service, and
various TV entertainment and sports packages.

The complete transition to Comcast internet is expected to happen within the
first quarter of 2019. Here are a few does and don’ts to help us
through the process in the meantime.

§ DO
expect regular communications and updates regarding the Comcast service
within the upcoming deployment period with frequency increasing over the next
several weeks.

§ DO expect that every effort will be made to limit service
disruption during the transition period.

§ To avoid
a potential gap in internet service to your home, DO continue to pay your
Openband internet bill until Comcast internet service is live in your
respective residence. LVG HOA will not include Comcast internet fees in
the monthly HOA invoices until 100% of the homes within LVG are live.
Please note that it will be the responsibility of each homeowner to terminate
Openband service once you have alternate service established. Logistics
related to Openband equipment returns, if applicable, will be communicated.

§ DO
maintain patience during the planning and roll out process. Every home in
LVG will receive Comcast internet service however it will take time for every
home to go live. Appointments will be established when interior access is
required. Comcast personnel will be carrying clear identification for your
peace of mind.

§ PleaseDON'T contact Comcast customer service directly with inquiries related to basic
internet service roll out in our community. The Comcast customer service line will
not be able to provide any detail at this stage. The LVG Board of
Directors, along with our community property management company, is
representing the Association in the planning discussions and will be
coordinating these efforts directly with Comcast's project team.

§DON'T contact
Openband with inquiries related to the transition of services over to Comcast.
While Openband is involved with transition of the easement and certain
infrastructure to Comcast, Openband will have no information related to Comcast
service or the service implementation plan for our community.

§ DON'T make
requests for Comcast internet service to connected to your home ahead of the
prescribed roll out plan. Comcast project managers are carefully
evaluating the most efficient implementation strategy for service roll
out. You will receive ample notification of the roll out plan details at
the appropriate time.

As stated, the BBA with Comcast only pertains to basic
internet service. Other products and services are available for purchase
directly from Comcast at competitive rates. If you wish to select third party
streaming TV service (i.e. Sling, Netflix, Hulu) and Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone
providers (i.e Vonage, etc.) there are no restrictions for doing so. You
will simply enter into your own contract with any of those services or with
Comcast for any additional service beyond basic internet.

More information to come as
the roll out strategy is finalized and as we get closer to the cut over date.
For those interested, the Technology Committee meets at 7PM on the third
Thursday of every month at the Harper Clubhouse. We would love to see you

The next LVG BOD meets the first Tuesday of every month at
6PM and should you have any questions. Your attendance is
also welcome.

Board of Directors

Lansdowne Village Greens Homeowners Association

19501 Promenade Drive

Lansdowne, VA 20176

Contact Info
Contact Person: Barber, Felicia

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