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Trash & Recycling Bins Regulations


Dear LVG Residents,

to, Policy Resolution No. 8, Use of Lots, Living Units, and Common Areas

All residents shall store and dispose of trash in
appropriate receptacles, and must have securely fitting lids which shall be
secured when the receptacle is put out for trash pick-up.  All trash receptacles shall be removed from
the streets, walkways, or exterior portions of the Lots following pickup on the
day of the scheduled trash remov­al. Trash receptacles may be put out for
pick-up no earlier than the evening before the day of the scheduled removal.


Residents must comply with Association rules that
stipulate that trash and recycling bins must be stored out of sight. In
addition, trash and recycling bins must be removed from the front/back/side curb
following trash pick-up and are never to be stored in front of the house or
remain in public view on non-collection days. 
The cans must be placed
in an enclosure such as a garage or other area that would conceal them from
public view.

Several reasons
as to why recycling and trash bins should be stored away on non-collection days:

Health: Trash on the ground can attract unwanted rodents and other types of wildlife.

Safety: Some of the roads are very narrow and
it can make it difficult to drive through when the trash or recycling bins are
on the curb or road. In addition, during windy days, not only can a bin cause
damage to personal property, but pedestrians as well.   

Cost:When trash or recycling spills and trash is found on the parking lot, curb, orsidewalks, or any other Common Area in the community.  It costs the Association money to hire
contractors to pick up the trash.

Aesthetics: Trash and recycling bins are not designed to decorate or improve thelooks of the community.  They are bins
that belong out of sight. It is an eye sore to watch someone’s trash or
recycling bin sit out all throughout the week.

Lastly, please note thatthe Board of Directors can impose charges of $50 per occurrence to
your assessment account and any subsequent violations for this same infraction
may be subject to a repeated $50 violation charge per occurrence and/or the
suspension of community privileges.

Best Regards,

LVG HOA Board of Directors

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Contact Person: Barber, Felicia

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