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Low Cost Alternatives


Dear Homeowners,

It has almost been a month since OpenBand's elective service ended.  The
tech committee would like to remind you that there are low cost alternatives to
traditional cable and satellite TV including amplified indoor HDTV antennas (see Amazon) which provide free-to-air channels, in addition to subscription-based streaming TV options, for instance www.slingtv.com,a subsidiary of Dish Network designed for 'cord cutters' that does not require the installation of a dish. 

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the community Guidelines for Satellite and Dish Antennascommunicated in the last E-blast and encourage you to discuss with your
respective BOD the option of single-dish installations for each condo building
(as opposed to individual dishes per each unit).  A single dish per
building may be a lower cost option to individual dishes and is more
aesthetically pleasing to our neighborhood.

Please do not hesitate to reachout to us with any questions or ideas. 

Thank you,

LVG Technology Committee

Attached is the Telecom Options from the August 15th presentation from the Technology Committee. 

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Contact Person: Wrightsmith, Steve

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