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Guidelines for Satellite Dishes & Antennas


Dear Fellow LVG Residents,

Since the LVG/OpenBand service
agreement changes were announced, residents have been inquiring about
guidelines pertaining to the installation and location of antennas and
satellite dishes.  Attached are the most current LVG Covenant Design
Guidelines for installing, maintaining, and removal of Antennas/Satellite

Existing satellite
dishes/antennas, not conforming to the current guidelines, enforcement
will begin as of NOVEMBER 2, 2015. There are NO exceptions. Dishes/antennas
installed in “Common Areas” of condominium associations and Common Area are
violations and will REQUIRE immediate conformity to the Guidelines.

Thank you,

LVG HOA Board of Directors

LVG Covenants Committee

Attached is the Design Guidelines for Antennas and Dishes.

Contact Info
Contact Person: Wrightsmith, Steve

Lansdowne Village Greens HOA - Landsdowne, VA
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